Shaping cultural institutions for the future

In addition to their social or corporate mandate, cultural institutions and enterprises face the changing needs and expectations of their target groups. This also includes the changing framework conditions in a transforming world: sustainability, digitality, "new work", demographic change and individualisation are just a few examples. Stagnating subsidies, rising costs or intensifying competition for people's (cultural and leisure) budgets thus require institutions to continuously "reinvent" themselves or develop further.

Working strategically can be a helpful tool in this process: properly conceived, an individually thought-out strategy helps to achieve goals and, in the best case, expands the artistic, financial or organisational scope. Important prerequisites for this are the integration of the expectations and fears of the various groups involved as well as the actual framework conditions of an organisation.

With profound data analysis, targeted comparative studies, future scenarios or participatory formats, actori has different methods at its disposal for strategy development and always enables transparent, comprehensible and information-based decision-making. This allows for debates to be rationalised, moderated in a target-oriented manner and specified in a comprehensible way for everyone involved inside and outside an organisation.

In order to achieve the formulated strategic goals in the best possible way, constant optimisation and further development in the organisation of the cultural sector is essential. Detailed analyses of the structural and procedural organisation and the necessary resources (e.g. personnel, finances) can help to identify and optimise duplicate structures, inefficient processes, economic conditions or management deficits. As an experienced partner, actori can also support you in achieving the necessary acceptance of change processes and thus ensure the success of the transformation.

Together with you, an objective and transparent analysis of your situation can be developed. Furthermore, answers will emerge to ensure the future viability of your cultural enterprise.


Create an overview

In the first step, the initial situation is captured and analysed. All information is collected sensitively, used anonymously and evaluated. Best-practice and comparative analyses help to classify and define goals. At the end of the process step, clarity is achieved about the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation; the central fields of action have also been identified.


Conception of future scenarios and development of measures

Based on the analytical results and the identified fields of action, solutions and future scenarios are developed and concrete measures for successful implementation are formulated. This development can also be participatory, and in any case takes into account time and other framework conditions.



Communication and implementation

The final step is the communication of the results to all relevant groups; this also defines the begin of implementation. actori prepares a suitable communication strategy for this. In addition, support and coordination of the implementation is possible.


Clients we have advised (excerpt): Bühnen Köln/Wirtschaftlichkeits- und Organisationsuntersuchung, Kanton Basel-Stadt/Betriebsanalyse für das Historische Museum der Kulturen, Kanton Basel-Stadt/Betriebsanalyse und Betriebskonzept der St. Jakobshalle, Land Hessen/Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst/Organisationsuntersuchung Historisches Erbe Hessen, Landeshauptstadt Erfurt/Museumsentwicklungskonzept, Stadt Leipzig/Leipziger Eigenbetriebe Kultur/Entwicklung einer neuen Struktur für die Leipziger Eigenbetriebe, Stadt Ludwigsburg/Bewertung des Betriebsmodells Arena Ludwigsburg, Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss/Governance-Modell für den Betrieb, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz/Begleitung des Reformprozesses, Wuppertaler Bühnen/Erarbeitung strategischer Zukunftsoptionen, Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen/Entwicklung einer Unternehmensstrategie.


Our services

  • Strategy development and implementation (also supported by participative processes)
  • Organisational analyses and staffing needs assessments
  • Development of future scenarios
  • Benchmarking, best practice studies and market and trend analyses
  • Development and optimisation of organisational and operational structures
  • Development and optimisation of operating and financing models
  • Calculation and validation of business cases and determination of subsidy requirements
  • Change management.


Frank Schellenberg
Managing Director