Project management
Together we implement your projects

Oftentimes, lengthy tendering processes, complex structures or simply a lack of personnel and know-how, for example, can hinder the speedy and targeted implementation of projects.

actori can support you in the implementation of your projects: Project management is a central pillar of our service portfolio. Our team will train you in both strategic and operational aspects of your projects, accompany you in the implementation of a wide range of tasks or support you with the introducing and taking over project management and project controlling.

Among others, theatres, museums, and municipalities were accompanied in the following projects:

  • Realisation of complex cultural construction projects from the users` perspective
  • Implementation of a change process within an organisation
  • Strategy implementation in digitalisation
  • Accompaniment of a tendering process

We can also take on important parts of the moderation and communication of stakeholder groups. The experience we have gained from accompanying numerous projects also ensures that any necessary or missing know-how for the success of the project can be brought in or tapped from our network. Furthermore, the expertise available within the organisation is also brought into the respective project in the best possible way. Our employees are therefore more than just project managers; they are communicators, strategists, and carriers of know-how.

actori does not follow a specific project management model, but chooses a specific, or hybrid, approach depending on the project and organisation. Together a tailor-made solution is developed, which - if necessary - includes methods and approaches from different project management models and is optimally adapted to the circumstances of the respective organisation and project challenges.

More than ever, different triggers confront cultural, educational and entertainment institutions as well as their sponsors with the challenge of implementing complex projects. We help you to lead these projects to success!


Clients we have advised in this area (excerpt): Stadt Wuppertal/Pina Bausch Zentrum – Deutscher Alpenverein – Tiroler Landestheater – Stadt Köln/Bühnen Köln – Bayerische Staatsoper – Oper für alle München – Sächsische Staatsoper – Stage – Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss Städtischen – Bühnen Frankfurt am Main/Oper Frankfurt – Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe – Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin/DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung.

Our services

  • Stakeholder and project management
  • Long-term implementation support for sustainability or digital projects, e.g. as an external coordinating body
  • Support for complex cultural construction projects from the user’s perspective
  • Accompanying a transformation process in an organisation
  • Preparation and monitoring of tendering processes
  • Implementation of sponsoring and fundraising.


Frank Schellenberg
Managing Director