Cultural Real Estate
A strategically integrated approach

Public buildings are anchor points in the development of neighbourhoods and districts and thus important for the coexistence of our society. Cultural uses in particular play a central role as formative and meaningful offerings: meeting in a museum, opera house, concert hall, library, cultural centre or other public spaces enables social exchange; the cultural real estate as a whole can and should invite people to stay.

With the aim of making culturally and socially open spaces fit for the future, central questions arise:
  • Which uses play a role?
  • How can the operation within the property function optimally?
  • How should target groups be addressed?
  • And of course, what is the ideal way and the associated successful process?

With this in mind, actori starts before the structural planning even from the so-called "Leistungsphase 0": From the basic vision, utilisation concept and operational set-up, to liaising and moderating between participants, to accompanying the implementation process.

In doing so, actori seeks and moderates the different perspectives of all those involved in the process: users, planners, those responsible for buildings, construction and urban planning, political decision-makers, but also future target groups.

Our experience enables us to take a holistic view and a comprehensive approach to the management of cultural properties through all project phases. Not least in conjunction with specialised partners such as architects, exhibition planners, event technology specialists and project managers.


"Securing the success of cultural real estate means comprehensively accompanying the different perspectives of all those involved in the process."

Amélie Stobel, Project Management


Whether it is a new building or an existing building - together actori enables culture in all facets in your property and at the same time ensures sustainable operation.


Clients we have advised in this area (excerpt): Freistaat Bayern/Konzerthaus München – Hansestadt Bremen/Konzerthaus Die Glocke – Fritz-und-Maria König Stiftung Landshut – Neu-Isenburg/ Hugenottenhalle – Deutsches Museum München – Rhein-Main-Congress-Centrum – Kanton St. Gallen/Neue Bibliothek – European Space Agency – Stadt Landshut – Kloster Speinshart – Stadt Nürnberg/Kongresshalle – Gummersbach/Bergisches Forum für Kultur – Landesbetrieb Immobilien Hessen – Landestheater Detmold – Stadt Ludwigsburg – Ruhrfestspielhaus Recklinghausen.

Our services

  • Feasibility studies and location analyses
  • Spatial and functional planning
  • Stakeholder management and integration of participation processes
  • Operating concepts, operator and organisational models
  • Business planning and financing.


Amélie Strobel
Project Management