A strategically optimized and holistic development of construction projects

Securing the success of cultural real estate through a comprehensive approach

No matter whether user or owner: the planning of new real estate or the refurbishment and expansion of already existing ones proves to be a complex task for public as well as private cultural institutions and needs to meet high standards. Cultural real estate shapes artists, administrative staff and visitors with its architecture and functionality, significantly impacting the success of an institution over decades.

To conclude such large-scale projects successfully, prior strategic planning is indispensable, starting from the initial vision to the specific program. However, these aspects cannot be separated from the financial, organizational and operational issues of the cultural real estate. Only an interlocked approach of both infrastructural planning and operations enables the successful launch of a new facility. This is also important for controlling the development of operational costs as well as the follow-up costs of the construction.

The results of the project development and the program are to be implemented throughout the different phases of the construction project. In order to secure the best possible realization of the project vision even with changing conditions (e.g. budget cuts or changed program demands), the perspective of the users should continuously be considered in the entire process. Inevitably, the operational consequences of architectonic changes have to be taken into account by a comprehensive approach.

Owing to our previous experience, we have developed a holistic and comprehensive approach at supporting cultural real estate through all of its project phases. With our services we cover:

  • project development (vision & strategy)
  • development of user demand with spatial and functional programs
  • process moderation and management from a user perspective
  • planning of operational processes and issues

In order to offer tailored and extensive services, we also consult specialized partners such as architects, exhibition planners, event technicians and project managers.

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