Break new ground in cultural marketing together with actori

Private funds are becoming increasingly important for many cultural institutions in view of declining cultural budgets. However, in the area of sponsoring and fundraising, German cultural institutions still have a great deal of untapped potential, as the approach to and support of interested donors has often not been sufficiently professionalised. For many years, we have been very successful in acquiring and supporting sponsors and supporters for selected cultural institutions and have won them over with innovative partnership models. The Fachverband für Sponsoring und Sonderwerbeformen e.V. [Association for Sponsoring and Special Forms of Advertising] has awarded us the International Sponsoring Award in the cultural sponsoring category for our cooperation projects on several occasions.

We are currently responsible for the sponsoring and fundraising activities of the following cultural institutions:

Bayerische Staatsoper (Bavarian State Opera)

The Bavarian State Opera is one of the oldest and most celebrated opera houses in Europe. For more than ten years we have been in charge of all of the opera house's sponsoring and fundraising activities and have developed a customer-oriented, individual partner and sponsor programme in which more than 300 companies and private individuals are now involved. The Bavarian State Opera's sponsorship income is unique in the German opera and theatre landscape. Four employees now ensure the smooth integration of new partners into the sponsorship network and the optimal ongoing coordination of existing partners. For further information please click here.

Semperoper Dresden

The Semperoper Dresden can look back on a tradition dating back to the 17th century. In addition to the world-famous building, the Semperoper is above all famous for its orchestra, the Sächsische Staatskapelle. Since 2007, we have been supporting both the opera and the orchestra in the acquisition, retention and support of business partners and private sponsors and have been able to increase revenues in this area by almost 1,000%. For further information please click here.

Frankfurt Opera

The Frankfurt Opera is one of the most important opera stages in Europe, as reflected by numerous awards, including the International Opera Award for the best opera house. In close cooperation with the Frankfurt Opera, we have developed a marketing concept that enables companies and private individuals to be approached efficiently and intensively. Since October 2013, we have been implementing this concept locally with our own staff. For further information please click here.