Sponsoring, fundraising and advertising space marketing

People need culture - culture needs support. Our aim is to bring both together: We find the best sponsors and partners for cultural institutions, festivals and companies in the entertainment industry and create access to culture for business enterprises and private individuals. Every year we bring together various cultural institutions with over 200 companies and patrons. We develop individual and customised concepts and support cultural institutions in strategy and implementation: Which strategy and which partners can be used to expand the artistic offerings? Which sponsorship is the ideal route for which company? Which advertising spaces are suitable for a brand's advertising strategy? Which commitment corresponds to the personal enthusiasm of a patron of the arts?

We develop answers, create strategic sponsoring and fundraising concepts, manage partnership programmes and market advertising space. Our project experience shows that an increase in sponsoring and advertising revenues of several 100% can be achieved within a few years. And best of all: with the additional funds raised, projects and concepts can be implemented that might otherwise have vanished into a bottom drawer: Opera studios, offers for children and young people, purchases of instruments and so much more. In addition to the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, whose sponsor partnerships and advertising collaborations we have been supporting since 2005, we are responsible for the marketing of the Semperoper Dresden and the Frankfurt Opera.