Strategy creates security

Ensuring the future of theatres and orchestras

Theatres and orchestras are often faced with the challenge of rising costs with constant or decreasing budgets. What options do theatres and orchestras have for meeting this ongoing challenge? We support theatres and orchestras in developing strategies that secure the houses in the long term within their subsidy and framework requirements. Only in this way can they concentrate on their real tasks and offer their audiences unique experiences and intellectual challenges.

We support theatres and orchestras as well as their carriers in the following areas, among others:

  • Strategic reorientation
  • Development of future scenarios (e.g. against the backdrop of changed financing or task definition)
  • Optimisation of revenues and costs
  • Organisational and process consulting
  • Staff requirement analyses
  • Increase in earnings, e.g. in the areas of ticketing, sales and customer loyalty
  • Fundraising and sponsoring
  • Requirements for the reconfiguration of infrastructures and their impact (e.g. interim venues, rehearsal centre, workshops)
  • Feasibility studies and site analyses, development of user needs, spatial and functional programs

Since 2005 we have advised more than 100 theatres and orchestras worldwide - from state opera houses, municipal theatres and A/B/C orchestras to independent theatre groups and international theatre corporations. We have a unique feel for the various forms of the theatre landscape. Talk to us, we will be happy to discuss with you the opportunities for further developing your organisation.

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