Museums in transition

Planning and optimisation for museum and exhibition operations

Museums and exhibition halls are enjoying ever greater popularity in Germany: with 120 million visitors per year, the more than 6,000 museums have ten times more visitors than the German Football League. Since 2007 alone, they have recorded visitor growth of over 10%. At the same time, competitive pressure is growing, as are demands and financial pressure. Museums today are of central importance for societal discourse, cultural education and urban and tourism marketing. New promotional services, diverse sponsoring and fundraising activities, digitalisation strategies, innovative marketing solutions and more effective real estate management are in many places the expression of efforts to meet new challenges. In the case of frequently stagnating public funding, it is important to set up the revenue and cost situation optimally and to identify the appropriate organisation and structure.

We support museums, exhibition halls, theme parks (“Erlebniswelten”) and their sponsors in finding answers to these challenges. These include the following topics:

  • Strategic reorientation and analysis of potential
  • Development of future scenarios and assessment of financial and infrastructural consequences
  • Optimisation of revenues and costs
  • Organisational and process analyses
  • Staff requirement analyses
  • Development and assessment of operational, organisational and governance models
  • Conception of contemporary presentation and promotion/educational activities
  • Increase in earnings, e.g. in the areas of fundraising and sponsoring, visitors and events
  • Designing an optimal visitor experience
  • Pricing strategies and ticketing
  • Development of integrated digitalisation strategies
  • Reconfiguration of infrastructures (e.g. conception, spatial and functional planning, operational and financial consequences)
  • Feasibility studies and site analyses, development of user needs, spatial and functional programs

In recent years, we have supported a large number of museums and exhibition houses as well as libraries and archives in a wide variety of strategic issues.

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