Entertainment in changing times

Successfully directing live entertainment and events into the future

Whether tour operators, show and musical producers, operators of leisure and theme parks or tourist attractions, the offers of profit-oriented entertainment providers must be crowd-pullers and withstand high cost pressure. This is the only way they can stand up to the competition posed by entertainment giants. We have been observing the entertainment market for over ten years, advising groups such as Stage Entertainment, organising major events (e.g. the Bavarian State Opera's opera for everybody) or marketing major events (e.g. Munich's 850th anniversary), and have developed our own entertainment offerings (TimeRide VR).

Live entertainment is also facing a variety of challenges due to the intensified competitive situation and digital transformation. In contrast to the audio or film industry, for example, the company's own business model is less seriously called into question. Instead, live entertainment providers fail to pursue the digital advancement relevant to a successful business model. Therefore, in addition to measures to increase earnings and cost efficiency, digital initiatives for sales optimisation as well as customer acquisition and customer loyalty should also be the focus of entrepreneurial activities.

Over the past ten years, we have supported a large number of entertainment providers in a wide range of strategic issues. We would be happy to talk to you about your challenges and advise you on the following topics:

  • Optimisation and reorientation of business models
  • Strategy development for digital transformation
  • Optimisation of sales measures incl. ticketing
  • Use of virtual reality
  • Conception and implementation of fundraising and sponsoring measures
  • Organisational analysis, process optimisation and efficiency enhancement

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