Contemporary venue design

The event market has changed rapidly in recent years: new and disappearing market segments, changing customer demands, numerous new construction and renovation projects in the infrastructure sector as well as a significant increase in the service orientation of many competing venues. Under these intensified competitive conditions, a supply portfolio based on demand is often no longer sufficient. Re-orientation of one's own organisation or infrastructure, proactive development of all revenue opportunities and markets as well as targeted marketing are only some of the aspects that owners and operators of event venues face. The changed competitive and supply situation also leads to changed requirements in organisation and operation.

We support carriers, owners and operators in all matters of setting up and operating an event venue: from the development and conception of a new event venue to the optimisation and reorientation of existing organisations. The areas in which we work include, among others:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic orientation of event venues
  • Market and competition analyses
  • Profitability and cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Use and spatial planning (e.g. use models, spatial and functional planning, user requirement analysis, logistics and processes)
  • Business models and business planning (e.g. business model development, optimising revenue and cost structures, business planning within the company)
  • Organisation and operation of an event venue (e.g. staffing requirements, operational processes, ticketing)
  • Operator and financing models for event venues
  • Selection of legal form
  • Marketing, sponsoring and naming rights

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