actori advises colleges and universities

Demographic change, the integration of numerous refugees and the new media are just a few of the challenges facing German Federal Republic today.

More than ever before, tapping new sources of income and networking with society and business in a completely new way in order to stand out in an increasingly international educational competition is essential. How should scientific institutions, colleges and universities position themselves strategically between their educational mission and the demands of the market?

We support educational and scientific institutions in mastering the concrete requirements arising from these and other developments and in making the best possible use of the resulting opportunities. In contrast to the Anglo-Saxon region, consulting for educational institutions in Germany is still a relatively young market. However, more and more colleges and universities have discovered that professional consulting is a valuable competitive advantage.

For over ten years we have been supporting educational and scientific institutions with professional consulting and implementation support, focusing in particular on the following areas:

  • Strategic reorientation and future strategy
  • Sponsoring and fundraising strategy
  • Development of business and financing models
  • Branding and profiling
  • Quality benchmarking
  • Planning and controlling
  • Project management
  • Organisational and process optimisations

The spectrum of prestigious institutions with which we have collaborated ranges from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to leading scientific institutions and outstanding state universities to international private universities.

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