Achieve measurable and sustainable results with actori

We support cultural and educational institutions, companies and the public sector in solving strategic and economic problems. In addition to precise and detailed work, it is our declared goal to lay the foundation for a valid decision-making process that is relatable to all parties involved, taking all relevant factors into account.

Strategy and Organisation

We support the strategic reorientation and shaping of the future of cultural and educational institutions. On the basis of a comprehensive and transparent status quo analysis and identification of potential, we undertake a detailed conceptual work with the objective of providing guidelines for reorientation and future orientation. Restructuring, organisational analysis and/or staffing requirement form the basis for the efficient structuring of an organisation and assessment of possible optimisation potentials or opportunities for long-term cost reduction.

Cultural real estate

We accompany construction and refurbishment projects of cultural and entertainment real estate through all project phases, starting from the strategic vision and development of programs to the inauguration of the new or transformed facility.

Accordingly, we support owners and users with market, competition and feasibility studies, creating usage, operational and financial models for event venues, museums, concert halls and more. The aim is to optimize construction projects through a holistic and interlocked approach of operational and structural issues.

Revenue increase

We create innovative sales and marketing concepts and develop customised sponsoring and fundraising strategies. In addition, we help with pricing and product design as well as with forward-looking orientation of ticketing and customer loyalty programs.

Our clients include such diverse institutions as the Humboldt Forum, the Staatstheater Nürnberg (Nuremberg State Theatre), the Bundestheater Holding in Vienna, the Heidelberger Frühling (Heidelberg Spring), the Jena Philharmonic, the Deutsches Museum and the Leipziger Eigenbetriebe Kultur (Leipzig cultural enterprises). We also cooperate with a large number of cities, regions and federal states in different countries, including the Free State of Bavaria, the Canton of St. Gallen, the cities of Munich, Bonn, Ludwigsburg and Wolfsburg, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria. Since 2005 we have achieved measurable and lasting results for our clients in more than 250 projects.