We translate the DAX into music!

Frankfurt am Main

In marketing or sponsoring, in addition to "networking", one must convince companies and private individuals above all with innovative sponsoring and fundraising concepts. The aim is to find a project that inspires all those involved, in our case the opera and the company, in equal measure, and that also fits in with the work processes and philosophy.

During the pandemic, an extraordinary symbiosis of music and business was created in spring 2021. With newly developed digital offers, Oper Frankfurt inspired its viewers "at home" with videos of aria and song recitals, exciting talks, chamber music and orchestra concerts, introductions, opera to go events and much more. Regular sponsorship activities based on a shared on-site experience had to sit out. The lack of the traditional cultural experience called for creative partnership design and was the birth of Sound of Dax Oper Frankfurt.

A pandemic sponsorship partnership with Deutsche Börse, Sound of Dax Oper Frankfurt brings music directly to the home. The Deutsche Börse logo served as inspiration - because it resembles a contemporary notation of music. Every share price can also be the basis of a musical performance. For the Sound of Dax, the notation (the share price) is transformed into a sound with musicians, the result being essentially based on the creativity of the respective artistic interpreter. Since the share price changes daily, the recording and sequence is also a time-sensitive task. We receive the share price one day before the recording date to give the interpreters the opportunity to preview the "music material". Then the course is set to music. To date, six videos have been made with very different instrumentation. From keyboard instruments to vocals, woodwinds, strings, and guitar. Should we want to hear the entire ensemble of Oper Frankfurt in the Sound of Dax, this promises to be a collaboration into the year 2032!

The reactions on the net are unbelievable, one could literally watch how, for example, the clicks on the youtube videos for Johannes Grosso (December DAX) suddenly skyrocketed. The reason was that a satire page on Instagram and TikTok (@hedgefonds.henning) created a meme about the video. Many followers of the account clicked and commented on the DAX video as a result. Through the linking of @hedgefonds.henning, the podcast "Steingart's Morning Briefing" then also became aware of the DAX project and played excerpts of it. The Morning Briefing can regularly be found at the top of the German podcast charts. Gradually, a significant reach developed from which Oper Frankfurt and Deutsche Börse both benefit.

Source: Kompositionen aus Kursen (faz)

The project was developed and implemented by Hannah Doll, alumna.

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