Virtual Reality in Music Theatre

unsplash/Geert Pieters
Study I Image: 2023 Nikolaus Schäffler

In the computer-generated reality of virtual reality, users interact in 360° images and sound. Today, virtual worlds are mainly encountered in computer games or entertainment offerings such as time travel experiences (TimeRide).

For the cultural sector, VR technology promises new forms of artistic expression; above all, it enables immediate "proximity" between artists and spectators. The technology has been used in theatres since the mid-2010s, but initially only for 360° tours through spaces; since then, the technology and possible applications have become more and more complex. Success factors for a convincing VR experience include the degree of immersion, interactivity and plausibility. However, the human receptivity to stimulus and information processing is limited.

Nevertheless, as of today, VR technology is a contemporary programmatic extension for theatre, but it does not substitute for the live experience.


A contribution by Sebastian Lücke, Consulting.

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