rethink, recycle, reduce

Newe I Image: unsplash/2022 Jan Huber

Think globally, act locally - this is the slogan of the annual environmental action day "Earth Day International," which has been celebrated internationally and nationally since 1970. In Germany alone, a wide range of campaigns on the topic of climate protection take place on "Earth Day".

At actori, we started to pay more attention to our ecological footprint in 2019 and implemented numerous measures for a more careful use of natural resources in everyday office life, from job bikes to green electricity. Like many other companies and institutions, actori aims to operate in a climate-neutral manner. For the emissions that we are currently unable to avoid, we have started a long-term climate compensation project with the life foundation in which fruit trees have been planted in Myanmar. The trees are cared for by the local population, which is why they grow and thrive magnificently.

In November this year, we will start the next stage of our CO2 compensation project - our employees will plant 800 trees together in the local forest!



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