Potential analysis for a new concert hall

Stadt Braunschweig, Daniela Nielsen (possible location)
Braunschweig I Image: 2023 Nikolaus Schäffler

The city of Braunschweig is planning to build a concert hall in the new station district, which will also be the home of the Municipal Music School.

Last week, the Braunschweig City Council decided to implement the "Lighthouse of Music.” With a needs and potential analysis for a large concert hall in the city, we were able to contribute to the decision-making process and the now positive council decision.

The results of the analysis and interviews show that there is sufficient demand for a concert hall in Braunschweig. The concert hall should have a size of 1,000 to 1,200 seats, with the possibility of a reduction to 600 to 800 seats. A range of events with just under 200 events and around 151,000 visitors per year are realistic sizes - regardless of the usual market subsidy requirements.

A new concert hall gives Braunschweig a unique selling point in the region and thus also a contact point for the entire region. In addition, the "one-location concept" with the Braunschweig Music School results in operational and functional synergies, which serve for opening, low-threshold and revitalization.

Press: Braunschweig.de

The project was implemented by Michaela Hermann and Jonas Salzer, Consulting and Frank Schellenberg, Management Director.

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