Evaluation of cultural participation

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State of Thüringen

The importance of cultural education and participation for a society has become even more apparent to the public since the pandemic at the latest. The Kulturrat Thüringen, in cooperation with the State Chancellery of the Free State, is sending a strong signal to cultural institutions, initiatives, associations and societies with a comprehensive evaluation of the needs, challenges and development fields of cultural education and participation in Thuringia. As part of a broad-based survey process, actori will identify perspectives for strengthening cultural education.

Against the background of social transformation processes in the years 2019-2022, changes and trends in the field of cultural education and participation will be evaluated.

The voices of as many actresses and actors as possible from cultural associations, institutions and societies as well as groups of different users and non-users will be heard and included. We are very excited about the first interviews!

Source: Start des Projektes „Perspektiven Kultureller Bildung und Teilhabe in Thüringen" (Kulturrat Thüringen)

The project by Jessica Kirchner-Wagner, Consulting and Frank Schellenberg, Managing Director.

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