2) Cultural buil­dings: poten­tial of reno­vation measures

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Redevelopment measures must be comprehensively planned and prepared. Based on numerous redevelopment projects, actori has derived an ideal-typical procedure for the preliminary process of redevelopment of concert halls (Part 1). Due to the long service life of almost half a century, the future conception of the content of a refurbishment or a structural intervention is an important step. Therefore, in addition to the strategic approach, the timing of these considerations is a key success factor for a renovation project.

Conceptual design as part of the preliminary phase:
The most favorable time to create the conception of the future use and to implement the ideal-typical procedure is already during the preliminary phase. In the so-called "performance phase 0", the scope for design in terms of content and construction is at its highest. The developed utilization concept, or possible variants, can also serve as a basis for political and strategic decisions. The functional, strategic, and structural requirements that arise from the envisaged use can accordingly be entered into the architectural competition. This ensures that the building will be suitable for future needs and objectives. An optimal synergetic connection between use and building is created.

Conceptual design as part of the architectural competition
At this stage, the scope for design is more limited than at the beginning of the planning process; however, even at this stage, a review and, if necessary, adjustment of the architect's plans to accommodate future uses can lead to successful project completion. If the concept has not yet been determined at the time of the architectural competition, the provision of proposals for the design of the content can also be part of the competition requirements. In addition to architectural or financial considerations, checking the compatibility of the designs with the general strategic goals and the needs of the users should also be an important selection criterion.

Design during or after the planning and construction phase
The path with the least design latitude and the greatest hurdles is a change in the content and conceptual orientation of use and operation during the planning and construction phases or after completion of a redevelopment project. Although optimizations or adjustments of uses are still possible, these are within the scope of the possibilities of an ongoing operation and the given infrastructural constraints. The opportunity presented by the construction measure has passed at this point.

In summary, it can be stated that early and analytical planning and development of the utilization concept should be a basic prerequisite of any redevelopment measure. Especially because of the long periods of use of almost half a century, only early and thorough planning can set the course for a successful future of cultural buildings. The later the time of this planning, the less room for maneuver. As a long-standing partner of cultural building and renovation projects, actori is happy to assist you in the preparation, execution, and implementation of your specific project steps. Together with you, we develop the appropriate and necessary strategy and make your cultural property fit for the future.


An impulse contribution by Julius Geiger, Consulting , Franziskus Linsmann Project Management and Frank Schellenberg, Managing Director.

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