Uniform target processes for an entire association

Image: Nikolaus Schäffler, actori Team


Many public institutions and associations face similar challenges in times of digital transformation: The lack of digital implementation of tasks, the use of different software products (isolated solutions) or the lack of adaptation of existing software solutions that no longer meet the requirements. Against this background, actori supported a large museum association in Germany in the procurement of a new visitor management system.

"The digitisation of cultural institutions requires more than just the procurement of new technologies. It requires the courage to change and think in a new way, it requires a common understanding of processes and it requires taking into account the users in the transformation process that goes hand in hand with digitalisation."

Daniel Fetzer, Project Management


Based on the existing processes and in consultation with the institutions of the network, actori developed standardised target processes, for example, to standardise procedures for booking a tour or for the administration of management personnel and their assignment and to define a common quality level. With the help of project experiences, interviews and workshops, a catalogue of requirements was created for the areas of ticketing (online and offline), administration of the museum offers, scheduling of education staff and other resources, booking of education offers, entrance control as well as the museum shop (online and offline). In addition, the framework conditions for the integration of a new visitor management system into the existing IT infrastructure (e.g. system environment, implementation services, updates, etc.) were created. Everything was summarised in a performance specification. In preparation for the tendering procedure, a market survey was conducted in order to obtain an overview of the current market for visitor management systems and their possibilities and to enable realistic resource planning.

actori professionally prepared the tender, evaluated the bids received together with the client and accompanied the bidder presentations.

Added Value

  • The visitor management processes were optimised and standardised for all museums and locations.
  • actori's profound market knowledge ensured a realistic requirement profile and well-founded resource needs for the introduction of the new visitor management system.
  • The tendering process was successfully completed and the contract was awarded following the tendering procedure.
  • Additional know-how and personnel resources saved a considerable amount of time.
  • Via the project, staff have committed to standardised processes and common quality standards, and have developed a greater understanding of the IT product.
  • With the new visitor management system, the focus now lies more on the needs of the users.


The project was implemented by Daniel Fetzer, Project Management and Frank Schellenberg, Managing Director.

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