The Spin-off Future Demand

Berlin I Image: Tyler Callahan, unsplash


Future Demand is software for concert and sports promoters that aggregates millions of data points to predict attendance, increase revenue for events and make marketing more measurable. Future Demand was created as a spin-off from actori to transform the way live entertainment and sports reach their customers and sell their tickets and merchandise. The platform brings event ticket sales and marketing into the digital age, allowing event organisers to focus on their core competency of creating unique and amazing experiences for their customers.

Added Value

  • Leverage of hundreds of data sources and millions of data points.
  • Use of technology / data science
  • Taste Cluster technology to target customers in a privacy-friendly and interest-based way (better targeting and less effort)
  • Data driven platform with functionality to: Forecast event utilisation in the long term, automate highly efficient online marketing campaigns (Ø15-20% increase in single ticket sales), automated customer segmentation for email- and subscription-campaigns, personalised event recommendations.


The Spin-off was founded by Hannes Tronsberg, Founder and Managing Director (Future Demand). Involved are Prof. Maurice Lausberg and Frank Schellenberg, Management (actori GmbH).

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