The Cultural Real Estate project Pina Bausch Zentrum Wuppertal

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The curtain of the big stage of the Wuppertal Schauspielhaus rose for the last time in 2009. Since then, the house in which the dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch made history has stood empty. To anchor her artistic legacy permanently in Wuppertal and to revitalise the theatre, the city of Wuppertal and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with financial support from the federal government, would like to turn the cultural property into an innovative cultural venue with international appeal: The Pina Bausch Centre. actori supported the project development of this exciting undertaking at an early stage: in addition to conducting, for example, initial conceptual workshops (2014), early business case development (2014), during the concretisation (2016/17) and verification of the operating concept (2020), through to implementation support for the cultural real estate project (since 2020).


The Wuppertal Pina Bausch Dance Theatre is to find a permanent home in the new Centre for the Arts dedicated to Pina Bausch. At the same time, it should offer artistic productions of international standing professional rehearsal and production conditions as well as the greatest possible freedom for the development of new pieces. The Pina Bausch Foundation with its extensive archive on Pina Bausch will also move into the centre. In addition, the "Forum Wupperbogen" will be a participation and citizens' forum. Through these different and interconnected thematic areas, a multidisciplinary house is to be created that will be available to people as a public space throughout the day.


With methodical and professional competence, actori advises the city of Wuppertal on the foundation of the Pina Bausch Centre in the sub-projects operating company, financing and funding as well as building and urban development. As a moderator, we accompany the stakeholders in the preparation of the documents for the founding of the company and examine aspects such as the governance structure for the future operation. We also support the city administration in questions of financing and budget planning: This regards the investment costs for renovation, new construction, and equipment and thus all aspects related to building construction as well as future operating costs. Across all sub-projects, actori supports the client in the development of decision-making principles, which are presented to the relevant bodies (city council, council commission for monitoring the project, steering committee) and have a significant influence on the progress of the project. In addition, we also support those responsible for the project in Wuppertal in the steering of the project. Furthermore, we were appointed as experts within the framework of the planning competition and, in the preliminary examination, assessed the designs submitted by international and renowned architects for the realisation of the Pina Bausch Centre in terms of their functionality and user aspects.

Added Value

  • Thanks to actori's many years of consulting experience from numerous cultural real estate projects, the City of Wuppertal has access to additional specialist expertise in this field, which flows directly into the project and contributes to its success.
  • actori brings methodological competences to the project, which help to systematically approach questions and to bring them to a result together with the stakeholders.


The current project support is implemented by Daniel Fetzer, Project Management and Tassilo von Schmeling, Consultant. The previous projects were implemented by Frank Schellenberg, Managing Director.

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