Structural expertise for the operating company of the Congress­hallen and Saarland­halle event centres

Saarbrücken I Image: Markus Lutz, Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH, Congresshalle und Saarlandhalle


Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH operates the largest event venues in Saarbrücken: the Saarlandhalle and the Congresshalle. The listed Congresshalle, which was reopened in September 2023 following extensive renovation, is to be expanded in a few years' time to include a multifunctional building under the name Messe- Kongress- Kulturforum (MKK) for congresses, trade fairs, exhibitions and other formats. A new multifunctional hall to replace the Saarlandhalle is also being discussed. In view of market developments, the new hall situation and organisational changes, the overall situation of Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH should be reassessed. actori has prepared an expert report with concrete recommendations for action and concepts to support the company in its future orientation.


As part of a structural report, actori assessed the market environment, operational issues and the overall strategic direction of Congress-Centrum Saar.

What does a suitable and sustainable organisation for Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH look like? Which structures need to be optimised? What does a suitable shareholder structure look like? Through comparative analyses and interviews with experts, actori was able to derive a series of recommendations for optimising the shareholder and governance structure, organisational and operational structure, staffing and potential structures for a Convention Bureau.

Building assessment
What economic risks arise due to the age and structural condition of the existing halls? How long can the event halls be operated? What measures will be necessary in the coming years? actori, supported by WPV Bauberatung, had a technical and economic building assessment carried out on the basis of inspections, interviews and existing documentation.

Economic efficiency
How can the business and utilisation model of the Congress-Centrum Saar be optimised? How can the profitability of individual business areas such as ticketing be assessed? How should the existing management contracts be assessed in terms of profitability and efficiency? How is the company financed? Based on in-depth analyses of existing business data, considerations of business and utilisation models and budgets of comparable event venues and their operators as well as expert discussions, actori evaluated the profitability of the Congress-Centrum Saar and identified optimisation options.

What strategic direction should the Congress-Centrum Saar take in the future? What infrastructural situation is required for this and what conditions must be met? Based on the market analysis, the results of sub-questions and in-depth industry expertise, actori developed three scenarios for the long-term orientation of the Congress-Centrum Saar, evaluated their advantages and disadvantages and illustrated the necessary steps for a final decision.

Added Value

  • The project has created clarity about long-term orientation options, and the results provide a decisive basis for determining a strategy including the necessary infrastructure.
  • Possible solutions to various structural challenges were developed and the associated consequences highlighted.
  • The implementation of the proposals optimises the organisation and leads to more planning security for the Congress-Centrum Saar, organisers, the economy and the region.



The project was realised by Tassilo von Schmeling and Pavel Achter, consultants, and Frank Schellenberg, managing director.

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