Development of a digital concept for the new "Haus der Einwanderungs­gesellschaft" in Cologne

Denny Muller
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The Documentation Center and Museum on Migration in Germany e.V. (DOMiD) was founded in 1990 by migrants with the aim of establishing a migration museum, among other things. In 2019, the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia decided to fund the construction of the migration museum. The House of the Immigration Society is due to be built at the end of 2027 on a spacious site in the Kalk district of Cologne. As part of the preparations for the opening, but also beyond that, digitalization plays a decisive role. Questions regarding the most important and suitable systems and databases as well as the relevant personnel must be answered for a new museum. The timing for the tender and subsequent introduction should also be chosen optimally if possible.

"The mixture of participative strategy development and an external expert perspective in the project with actori helped us to develop a comprehensive and future-oriented digitality concept."

Robert Fuchs, Managing Director of DOMiD.


In order to answer these and other questions, a clear digitalization vision was developed together with DOMiD. This is a decisive step in that it unites the company and its employees behind one major goal. The fields of action based on this, with individual measures, form the pillars of this vision. Together with employees, measures were developed in each field of action, ranging from the creation of content concepts (e.g. digital exhibitions) to the introduction of comprehensive software systems (including ERP, CMS, MMS and BMS). The "Digital Roadmap", as a central element of the digitality concept, summarizes all measures and arranges them in a chronological order.  In addition, actori was able to provide important recommendations for the organizational development of DOMiD, including the agile design of internal processes, the introduction of comprehensive systems instead of isolated solutions and the examination of outsourcing areas.
Digitization is an ongoing process, which is why actori has recommended the establishment of a digitization workshop at DOMiD. This workshop serves to collect new ideas and to continuously develop further. A heterogeneous digital team takes on the tasks of reviewing ideas, adapting the roadmap and coordinating project teams for implementation.

Added Value

  • Employees support the digitalization vision because it was developed jointly.
    The "Digital Roadmap" provides a structure and prioritization of upcoming measures until the opening of the new museum. Early decisions and important decisions can thus be made systematically.
  • The digitality concept ensures that the HdE implements the necessary measures to establish itself in a competitive environment, continuously monitor current developments and set standards.
  • The digitalization workshop that has been developed ensures that the roadmap continues to evolve flexibly with new ideas and projects, thus institutionalizing digitalization as an ongoing process.
  • actori's audit enabled weaknesses in the operating concept to be identified and addressed.


The project was implemented by Franziskus Linsmann, Projektleitung und Jonas Salzer, Beratung.

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