Development and implementation of a digital roadmap on administrative processes for the Tiroler Landestheater

Tiroler State Theatre and Orchestra Ltd.
Denny Muller
Innsbruck I Image: Amir Kaufmann, Facade Tiroler Landestheater und Orchester GmbH Innsbruck


Digitisation has a lasting impact on user and consumer behaviour. The digital projects and measures known so far, also guided by specific funding programmes, focus on the design of digital offers for visitors. The greatest potential for digitisation often lies "behind the curtain", i.e. in the internal processes of cultural institutions (see status report on the degree of digitisation in German theatres). The Tiroler Landestheater und Orchester GmbH Innsbruck is a multi-speciality theatre in repertory operation with six venues. In recent years, the first digitalisation potentials have been exploited through a free streaming service on the website and increased community engagement through the social wall. To ensure a concentrated approach to the opportunities of digitalisation for the theatre across the different venues and departments, it was decided to develop a holistic digitalisation strategy.


Questions about the digitalisation target image, the framework conditions (e.g. data protection, sustainability, resources), synergy effects or efficient digitisation and requirements management were part of the process. At the beginning, the central challenges were identified through a status quo and benchmark analysis, e.g. of the internal software landscape as well as the process and personnel development of the organisation. Based on workshops, the need for action was specified and prioritised in around 20 sub-projects with the specialist departments. These sub-projects concern, among other things, the optimisation of existing systems and the procurement of new systems as well as digital organisational development. Based on the expected need for human and material resources and the necessary framework conditions, a realistic implementation roadmap was developed that shows all participants a clear and comprehensible path for the transformation process. To ensure a seamless transition from strategy development to strategy implementation, actori now accompanies the process in the form of a digitalisation coordination office. In addition to the ongoing exchange of know-how and sparring, this also ensures a continuous transparent overview of the current status.


  • A comprehensible roadmap for the transformation process was developed, which clearly addresses challenges and contextualises measures with resources and time.
  • Missing resources were replaced and specialised know-how (expertise and methodology) for the digital transformation from strategy development to implementation was integrated.
  • The result was widely accepted and ensured a high level of identification among those involved due to the participatory involvement of the entire organisation.
  • The professional and qualitative development was strengthened, and digitalisation was implemented by relieving the workload of the specialist departments due to realistic and resource-related roadmaps.
  • The processes and efforts within the organisation were optimised by simplifying the system and software landscape.


Project management by Jonas Salzer, Consultant.

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