An operational analysis for the Max-Reger-Halle

Weiden I Image: 2024 Johannes Häring, all rights rewerved by Max-Reger Congress & Event GmbH, Gustl-Lang-Saal, Max-Reger-Halle


The Max-Reger-Halle in Weiden in der Oberpfalz was opened in 1991 and characterizes the social and cultural life of the northern Upper Palatinate. It offers event possibilities for concerts, opera, ballet and theatre performances as well as for festivals, balls, trade fairs and is a venue for conferences, congresses and seminars.
Operations are organized by Max-Reger-Congress & Event GmbH, which is wholly owned by the city of Weiden. In addition to operating the venue, the company also runs the catering facilities in the hall through a subsidiary. Various challenges prompted an operational analysis to be carried out.
The city of Weiden also offers a wide range of events, which are organized by various municipal and other event organizers. The aim was to identify potential synergies for the city of Weiden with the event organizers.


The study was based on a well-founded fundamental analysis that analyzed, for example, the location, competition and changing conditions in the market for event venues. In addition to a comprehensive data evaluation, this also relied on an intensive exchange with the organisation and its employees as well as a total of around 30 interviews. Comparative analyses (benchmarking) with other event companies were also carried out during this phase in order to classify the results: The focus here was particularly on the output of the event organisation, such as staffing and financial resources.
Based on the analyses and in discussion with the organization, specific optimization potential for event operations and the organization was identified. With the help of a concrete action plan and responsibilities, preparatory measures for implementation were also taken. The process also identified solution options for connecting the catering to the event venue. These were evaluated using a criteria grid and a preferred option was determined.
Finally, the municipal, event-related structures and event activities in Weiden were evaluated. In particular, the aim was to analyse the current offerings, interfaces and resources used. Possible synergy potentials were identified and assessed for their potential in order to prepare the further process for the further development of structures and services in Weiden.

Added Value

  • Optimization options, including measures to be taken, were identified for key areas of event operations such as the building, event management and personnel resources. By implementing these, the Max-Reger-Halle can improve processes and secure its future operations.
  • A process proposal for catering was drawn up that shows concrete opportunities for improvement in implementation and financial planning.
  • The identification of potential synergies with the event organizers in Weiden forms the basis for further measures to optimize the event landscape.


The project was implemented by Michaela Hermann, consulting and Frank Schellenberg, managing director.

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