A Feasibility Study for Ganslberg Area and KOENIGmuseum

Landshut I Image: Fritz Koenig, living and working space Fritz Koenig


Fritz Koenig is one of the most important German sculptors of the post-war period. After his death in 2017, the Fritz-und-Maria-Koenig-Stiftung was faced with the question of the potential of his artistic legacy and how his former living and working place - the area on the Ganslberg near Landshut - could continue to be used and made accessible to the public. actori was commissioned by the Fritz-und-Maria-Koenig-Foundation to carry out a feasibility study for the KOENIGmuseum sculpture museum in the Hofberg and the area on the Ganslberg.


"The study is very productive in many respects, offers a wealth of facts, case studies, projections, meticulously analyses which works have the greatest appeal for future visitors."

Süddeutsche Zeitung (25.02.2022)


In a 6-month process, framework conditions and objectives for the development of utilisation scenarios were recorded and examined for their feasibility. At the same time, an art-historical classification of the extensive Koenig collection and oeuvre was carried out in order to make a reliable statement about the appeal of the foundation's estate. Based on the conception of the content, the spatial needs and requirements were then derived and translated into a realisable space and function plan. The elaborated utilisation scenario is based on an overarching mediation approach: it shows the Ganslberg as an overall artistic concept that is the life, inspiration and creative world of the person Fritz Koenig. The analyses were supported by 60 benchmarks/best practices and around 35 interviews with experts, such as representatives of the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, the Landshut Building Department or art experts. The feasibility of a museum use concept was finally confirmed under certain conditions, such as an increased subsidy requirement.


  • The examination of the collection and the work revealed potential for optimisation in the inventory as well as possibilities for mediation (original preserved artist's studio). For example, the oversized sculpture "The Sphere", was created for the fountain plaza of the former World Trade Center in New York on the Ganslberg.
  • With the help of experts, it was possible to classify the well-known collection of African art against the background of the public debate on looted art and thus to show it in the future.
  • The positive media echo of the feasibility study supports the identification of the region with the Ganslberg as well as the search for a sponsor.
  • With the programmatic mediation approach (art, culture, science), the cooperation with knowledge institutions will be further expanded and the Koenig legacy will be scientifically researched.
  • The study shows the Ganslberg as an overall artistic concept that is the life, inspiration and creative world of the person Fritz Koenig and should be preserved as such.


The project was implemented by Marietta Schönberg, Project Management, Jessica Kirchner-Wagner, Consultant, Nina Hoff Marketing and Prof. Maurice Lausberg, Founder and Managing Partner.

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