A digitalisation roadmap for the Volkshochschule Hamburg

Hamburg I Image: Unsplash/2023 Joshua Sortino


As the largest provider of continuing education in the city, the Hamburger Volkshochschule (Hamburg VHS) has a public mandate to fulfil: To provide education for all. Since the foundation of the Hamburg VHS in 1919, access to education has changed significantly in several respects. Knowledge can be accessed digitally at any time, from anywhere, and in some cases free of charge. Teaching and delivery formats are also evolving: hybrid and purely digital options are emerging alongside the face-to-face format, for example. Together with the VHS, actori has answered important questions of digitalisation for the organisation to maintain quality, diversity and market advantages.


In a one-year participative process, actori developed the important cornerstones for a digitalisation strategy for the VHS Hamburg. The process focused on the question of how the organisation needs to develop to systematically implement digitalisation. This resulted in the identification of needs and formats in continuing education for users, the further development of existing business, sales and marketing models, the modernisation and optimisation of work processes and the associated infrastructure. Finally, the consolidated results were brought together in a digitalisation master plan that defines goals, measures, and responsibilities for each field of action.


  • The digitalisation master plan provides concrete recommendations for action and clearly specifies responsibilities and timeframes.
  • The Adult Education Centre has developed an answer to the changing demands and expectations of users and remains competitive.
  • The participatory design has involved all staff in setting priorities and also creates acceptance for the process and results.


The project was implemented by Dr. Nora Pähler vor der Holte, Projekt Management and Jessica Kirchner-Wagner, Consultant.

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