We welcome Clara Radunsky back at actori

actori personal

My new role as Business Development Manager for digitalization and project management at the consultancy actori allows me to combine two of my greatest passions: The enthusiasm for culture and the passion for digitalization and innovation.

I started my professional career at actori in Munich. From there the path led me via Salzburg to Vienna – first to the Salzburg Festival and then as artist manager to an agency at Vienna. Then the most significant shift within my career happened, I changed from the cultural sector into the IT and tech sector to the consultancy Accenture; there, as an innovation manager, I supported clients from a wide range of industries in transformation and digitization processes.

Back at actori, I want to drive digitalization in the cultural sector. I see a lot of potential in the intersection of culture and digitalization - for institutions to know their audience and their needs: Whether digital products that complement analogue offerings or optimized internal processes and structures within theatres and museums. Therefore, I like to use a comprehensive digital toolbox, starting with design thinking, visualization and storytelling.

When I am not at the opera or in a museum, I like to be out in nature, preferably on a sailing boat. And last but not least, I enjoy getting in touch and connecting with exciting profiles, which I for example meet at the Women Leadership Network PANDA.

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