Successful presentation of the "Kulturplan Lausitz"


How can culture contribute to structural change and have a positive impact on the transformation of a region? We asked ourselves this question in a year-long process consisting of analytical and participatory components. The basis for the strategy of cultural development was created by about 200 discussions and 3 surveys, by the analyses of various case studies and in over 30 events with over 350 participating actors.

What is the “Lausitz Kulturplan” about?

The “Lausitz Kulturplan” is a strategic instrument that can serve as a guide and point of orientation for the actors involved in cultural development in Lausitz region in order to strengthen the role of culture in the ongoing transformation process. The cultural plan formulates a strategy and describes the profile of Lausitz region in terms of content. Seven goals were defined as leitmotifs for the future development of culture in Lausitz, including, for example, a stronger perception of Lausitz as a region. In the fields of action derived from these, such as strengthening the special features of the region or internationalization, numerous measures are formulated to achieve the goals.

In addition, a vision for the cultural development of Lausitz region is described with the identified focal themes of multiculturalism/Europe, landscape, industrial/building, culture of change and the strategic objectives. The priority themes developed with the local cultural actors show the special features and opportunities for raising the profile of the region and offer orientation and starting points for culture.

We are pleased that the first measures are already underway and that the close cross-border partnership between Brandenburg and Saxony initiated in the “Kulturplan” is being strengthened - at ministerial, administrative and stakeholder level.

The “Kulturplan Lausitz” can be found at:

The project was implemented by Frank Schellenberg, Management actori GmbH, Katharina Pachta-Reyhofen, Jessica Kirchner, Jonas Salzer, Consultancy actori GmbH.

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