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Research project Hugenottenhalle


Discovering potential of the community centre Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg

Our research project on the Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg marks the starting point of the upcoming renovation, conversion and reorientation of the Hugenottenhalle. Built in 1977, the multifunctional community centre serves as venue for theatres and comedies, operas and operettas, musicals and music concerts as well as shows and parties. In recent years the demand and requirements for event venues of all sizes have changed considerably, in consequence the usage behaviour as well. For example, the market in Germany shows a decline in the number of events with a simultaneous increase in participants and a growing number of venues. This means, that more infrastructures compete for less events. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be assumed, that the market will remain stable, while the current development will continue.

With the renovation, conversion and reorientation Neu-Isenburg wants to set up the venue for the future. For this reason, we worked on a strategy with comprehensible and reliable results. Starting with a market and competition analysis, as to evaluate general conditions, we examined event-related data from an economic point of view. Furthermore, we checked on the overall event concept and started with space and functional planning. As one result, the future community centre will be developed into a cultural and educational centre, that not only hosts events but also integrates the city library. One part of the library the so called „Third Space“ plays an important role. Not only can this place be used for different type of events, it serves as the first public common room in Neu-Isenburg.

The project was carried out by Frank Schellenberg, Managing Director actori GmbH and Merina Perroco Moreira, Consultant.

(Photo: Frank Schellenberg, Copyright actori)