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Presentation of the operational analysis

Museum der Kulturen Basel

The Museum der Kulturen in Basel, which has been newly established since 2011, is fulfilling its goals and working successfully. This is the result of an operational analysis carried out by actori on behalf of the Canton of Basel City. In addition, actori has also identified needs for action, from which the Presidential Department of the Canton has derived a catalogue of tasks with five points.

The Museum der Kulturen Basel is one of the most important ethnographic museums in Europe. Over the generations, it has built up a comprehensive collection of treasures from Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, Indonesia, South, Central and East Asia. The collection of over 320,000 objects is impressive, of international renown and attracts around 80,000 visitors every year.

More information about the project can be found on the website of the Badische Zeitung (only available in German).