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Impact of Corona on cultural institutions

Study by actori

According to an internal study, public cultural institutions are threatened with revenue losses of up to 1.3 billion euros by the End of 2021. The study looks at the impact of the corona crisis on theatres, opera houses, museums and socio-cultural-centres and aims to provide more transparency and facts in the public discussion.

Cancellations, lock downs and serious restrictions have had a huge impact on the cultural sector. For example, by June 1st, 101,300 events have been cancelled due to corona. The decline in visitors counts up to 28 million and the Lost revenue totalled around 241 million euros. Data from 4,865 museums, 142 public theatres, 128 orchestras, 199 private theatres, 85 festivals and around 500 socio-cultural centres has been looked through. Based on the fact that a large part of the costs are fixed costs, the financing gap for the federal-, state-, and local governments have been estimated between 500 million and 1.2 billion euros. Depending on the future development of the corona pandemic, the study simulates three scenarios and gives recommendations, such as to push the internal process of digitisation. As a result, a primary goal should be to stabilize institutions through economic security as well as to question existing structures. 

The study is developed by Prof. Maurice Lausberg, Managing Director of actori GmbH and Katharina Pachta-Reyhofen, Consulting.