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Effort determination of general inventory

Historisches Museum Basel

The Historisches Museum Basel (HMB) is one of the most important cultural history museums in Switzerland. The collection ranges from archaeology, applied art and everyday culture to contemporary history and comprises over 250 thousand objects. The collection is on display in different areas, in permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The operational analysis carried out by actori in 2018/2019 at the HMB came to the conclusion that the collection should be subjected to a general inventory. In order to prepare the general inventory and to apply for funds, actori was commissioned to determine the costs of a general inventory at the HBM.

The cost assessment is based on various priorities. On the one hand, a detailed survey of the initial situation including interviews with the departments of collection, conservation-restoration and database/IT and on the other hand benchmark analyses. In order to establish standards for acquisitions, actori also conducted interviews with external experts; together with the HMB, necessary preliminary, sub- and follow-up projects for the general inventory were defined. Finally, based on the current planning, actori developed a time schedule for an efficient implementation as well as the necessary personnel and financial requirements.

The project was carried out by Philipp Leist (partner) and Jessica Kirchner (consultant).

Here you will find the official press release of the Government Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

(Photo: Philipp Leist und Jessica Kirchner, Copyright actori)