eCommerce for museums

actori study

In contrast to online ticket shops, online shops for the sale of goods are still extremely rare in museums in the DACH region.

In recent years, museums are finding more and more new ways to interact digitally with their target groups, and the pandemic is reinforcing this development. Online ticketing, meanwhile, has become a standard museum offering, meaning that what is usually the most important source of revenue for the museum itself is now being tapped digitally. Online shops for the sale of goods, on the other hand, still play a subordinate role in professional discourse.

In addition to the experience from actori digital projects in museums, the successful operation of online shops by individual European museums clearly shows that their relevance is increasing. Therefore, in a current market study, actori sheds light on the opportunities and central success factors for online museum shops.

We are happy to support you with our experience in assessing whether and how such an offer can be of benefit to your museum. We can also put you in touch with experts from the shown best practice museums.

The study has been executed by Joshua Neumann, Consultant actori GmbH

Joshua Neumann, Consultant (© actori GmbH)

Download the study: eCommerce for museums