Digital transformation in theatre

actori forum feat. Ministry Group

"The important and difficult job is never to find the right answers, it is to find the right question."

Jeremy Abbett opened his presentation at the first actori forum on the topic of digitalization with this thesis. And it gets even more provocative:

"Is theatre even necessary?"

Even if there is general agreement that theater is important, the question remains:

"How do we stay relevant?"

Digitalization is a major challenge for all opera houses and theaters - not only since COVID-19. The digitalization study conducted by actori shows that many houses still lack financial resources, personnel and strategic approaches to master this important challenge – as Prof. Maurice Lausberg impressively describes in his presentation. He also shows that it is important to intertwine IT architecture and infrastructure as well as digital offerings from theaters for digitalization to succeed.

And above all, it becomes clear that "a great upheaval also means a great opportunity" - after all, Netflix also used to send DVDs.

Jens-Daniel Herzog and Anna Ermann of the Staatstheater Nuremberg then report on what digitalization in theaters can look like in practice. Together with the Ministry Group, they have developed a digital repository as the centerpiece of the online offerings of the digital Staatstheater. One of the key learnings here: "Cat videos are good. High-quality produced introductions to the history of opera are better."

Finally, there are six very practical tips from Dr. Nora Pähler vor der Holte on what theaters can do on the road to digitalization:

  • #MakeAPlan: Develop a digitization strategy
  • #Inspiration: Be inspired
  • #BetterTogether: Find partners
  • #DataSupport: Collect and analyze data
  • #GetFunding: Get funded
  • #Start: Launch pilot projects

The new actori forum panel series serves as a platform for expert exchange between decision-makers from cultural enterprises and external impulse-givers. We are looking forward to the next one!

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