concept and feasibility study for a Landestheater


The Landestheater Detmold is a three-part theatre with five venues. It is of particular importance for the cultural supply of Detmold and East Westphalia-Lippe. At the same time, with its numerous guest performances, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is considered the largest touring theatre in Europe.

Against the background of a now necessary renovation, our project, carried out together with our partners from theapro (as experts for, among other things, the infrastructural and structural design of theatres and opera houses), dealt with a sustainable and future-oriented positioning of the house. In doing so, we dealt with three topics:

  1. conception: In view of social trends and developments (e.g. digitalisation, openness and low-threshold), what should the future artistic profile of the house look like in order to attract more and broader target groups in the future and to inspire them for culture?
  2. building: What renovation measures are needed at the theatre and what are the structural and infrastructural requirements for future theatre and guest performance operations in Detmold?
  3. operation: What must the structural and economically sustainable framework for a sustainable Landestheater Detmold look like?

It was central to consider the close interlocking of the thematic areas. For example, questions of structural development cannot be answered without a clear picture of the future content profile of a theatre. At the same time, structural and economic conditions must always be considered. Only in this way can a holistic and well-founded concept emerge that serves as a strong basis for the further development of a theatre.

At various points actori and theapro have worked on the project in a participatory way, e.g., through stakeholder interviews, workshops, and information events for the public. Because in the further development of a theatre, there are often a wide variety of demands and interests. Taking these into account at an early stage can contribute significantly to a goal-oriented and widely accepted concept.

The project was implemented by Micky Hermann and Dr. Sebastian Lücke, consultants, and Prof. Maurice Lausberg, managing partner.

Micky Herrmann, Consultant actori GmbH (@ Nikolaus Schäffler)
Dr. Sebastian Lücke, Consultant actori GmbH (@ Nikolaus Schäffler)
Prof. Maurice Lausberg, Managing Partner actori GmbH (@ Nikolaus Schäffler)