actori alumni is launched

actori internal

What is actori alumni and who is the programme aimed at?

actori alumni is a platform for informal exchange with each other. We get in touch with you in different ways throughout the year, for example with a virtual coffee breaks with our HR manager, Hanna, impulse contributions from consulting, a mailing about internal actori news or events. Such an undertaking stands and falls with its actors, so feel free to get involved at any time and tell us what interests you.

Our goal is to develop and grow actori alumni from year to year - together with you, of course. "Everything can, nothing has to!"

How to become an actori alumni?

If you have been employed by actori in the past, you are automatically an actori alumni. This includes permanent employees as well as working students and interns. We are looking forward to hearing how you have been doing since, what you are working in now and what you are interested in.

Thank you very much - we look forward to seeing you!

Hanna Hellenbroich-Schrader, HR actori GmbH (@ Nikolaus Schäffler)
Tassilo von Schmeling, Consulting actori GmbH (@ Nikolaus Schäffler)