"My workplace is the Semperoper. For me, that is clearly an advantage."

"In orbit between Munich and Dresden" - Hanna Hellenbroich-Schrader (Human Resources Management actori) in conversation with Andrea Halassy.

Dear Andrea, you have been with actori for almost 13 years and are responsible for the development and sponsoring of the Semperoper Dresden. Considering that actori itself was only founded 15 years ago, that means you've actually been there from the beginning. Great, thank you very much for that!
Yes, who would have thought that. I didn't expect it when I moved from Munich to Dresden back then. But I am very happy about this decision. Of course, it also has to do with this special place of work, the Semper Opera. [Opera houses and theatres have always been my favourite place to work, even though I have never been artistically active myself; but the "product of music theatre" is one of the most beautiful for me. For this reason, I still enjoy my job as Head of Development and Sponsoring and I never get bored.

I believe that immediately. Can you describe what it's like to work as an "actori satellite" for the Semperoper from within the opera house, i.e. you are physically closer to the customer than to the actori company; isn't that sometimes challenging?
For my tasks, being close to the customer is clearly an advantage. Successful work is based on good and trusting cooperation with all the trades at the Semperoper. Because of this trust, but also because of the proximity, I can act very independently and on my own responsibility in discussions and negotiations with sponsors. In some cases, there are very different ideas and wishes about how an engagement should be structured. You can also make decisions and know that they will be supported by the organisation and implemented to the satisfaction of the sponsors. To be accepted by colleagues at the opera, you have to feel part of the whole. The same goes for contact with sponsors, companies and opera guests - after all, you also represent the house to the outside world.

After so many years at the Semperoper, you have certainly established yourself firmly in the opera business. What is it like with your colleagues at actori in Munich?
actori is a company that values a healthy team spirit. So of course I am in more frequent contact with our colleagues at the opera houses in Munich and Frankfurt (until season 2022/2023) than with the consultants. But we grow together, for example, through our regular jour fixe, internal workshops and further training and, of course, team outings.  I can count on support from Munich at any time. No matter whether it's about conceptual support, the extensive network or just discussing an idea. A very luxurious situation, in my opinion. Every "satellite" has its own solar system!

Finally, a private question - was there a musical experience during your time at the Semperoper that particularly impressed you or that you particularly enjoyed?
There is certainly more than one. One of them was certainly attending a Nutcracker performance at Christmas, which is almost a must. But I also really enjoyed the live broadcast of Lohengrin with Anna Netrebko on Theaterplatz. It really was a musical highlight in front of this very special backdrop of the Semperoper on a balmy June day.