"It drives me and motivates me to shape such a promising field of business."

About returning to consulting with actori - Hanna Hellenbroich-Schrader (Human Resources Management actori) in conversation with Amélie Strobel.


Amélie, you've been with actori for a good 100 days now - time to take stock. Munich - Venice - Paris: So now it's a return home?
In a way, yes, because I was born in Munich and already got to know actori through my internship in cultural consulting 13 years ago. So I'm returning to my roots with a lot of international experience and a broad view of things in my luggage, triggered by my studies in cultural management in Venice and Paris. This was followed by my time at the Louvre as Development Manager and Business Development Director at the renowned architecture firm Architecturestudio in Paris.

At the Louvre you were responsible for development, what was that like?
It was an incredibly exciting time in the most visited museum in the world! There were about 15 of us in the team and I was primarily responsible for companies and foundations and coordinated the entire acquisition process and developed strategies in this area. I covered a wide range of topics such as acquisitions, renovations, restorations, crowdfunding campaigns, exhibitions as well as looking after brand partnerships and international partners.

What is special about your position at actori?
At actori I can combine consulting work with the development of the cultural real estate sector. It drives me and motivates me to shape such a promising business field.
A tailor-made position has been created for me here; just one example of entrepreneurial thinking and the special approach of our consulting firm.

In your new position, how crucial is your time at Architecturestudio?
This experience seems central to my new role at actori. I can bring my understanding of the architectural scene, the real estate industry and the needs of various partners to a building project.

Why is the field of cultural real estate so interesting to you and what can we contribute to it?
Our holistic view of cultural real estate projects with an understanding of the interdependencies between the operational and construction processes is very exciting. We know cultural organisations very well and therefore have a special understanding of the user perspective. We can accompany clients and users from service phase zero to commissioning!

And now a very personal question, what was the last exciting exhibition you visited?
I went to the exhibition of Ulla von Brandenburg at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, a great artist who lives in Paris as a German.

Dear Amélie, thank you very much for your time and the interview. It's great to have you in our team!
Very much.