A leader in consulting and marketing for cultural, entertainment and educational institutions

In our consulting services, we work primarily with cultural institutions, companies in the entertainment industry and the public sector. We provide support in strategic and economic issues (e.g. strategic realignments or cultural development concepts). In addition, we develop revenue enhancement strategies (e.g. in the areas of sales, ticketing and fundraising) and advise on operational and strategic planning for cultural and entertainment properties (e.g. concert halls, event venues or museums).

We are responsible for sponsoring and fundraising activities for the Bavarian State Opera, the Semperoper and the Frankfurt Opera and market communication space for opera houses, festivals and theatres.

In the area of ventures, we develop new business fields and ideas through start-ups and shareholdings, such as B2Sports, which we established over a five-year period and sold to the world's largest sports rights marketer in 2013. Our most recent investment is the travel company Fineway, a tech travel company for high-quality individual travel, and TimeRide, a company specialising in the realisation of virtual reality entertainment.